Sample Reports

There is a test image of the server called TEST_SERVER coming together with Security Revisor. It includes music genres as containers, music groups as groups and singers and musicians as users. The following reports were created based on the data from the test server:

With the help of standard profiles:

  • Container List - all containers from the test server and the contents of the containers are listed here.
  • Group List - all groups on the test server, the individual rights of each group and their members are listed here.
  • User List - all server users, the individual rights of each user and their membership in groups are listed here.
  • Resource List - all file resources that the server objects (groups, users, etc.) have right for are listed here.

Created in the report constructor (examples from the documentation):

  • Telephone Directory - all server users (the full name and the username of each user), department name (the column labeled "Specialization") and the telephone of each user are listed here.
  • Advanced Group List - groups (the name of the groups are displayed according to the format), full rights of each group for resources and the members of each group are listed here.